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Game Genies by Richard "Schwarzentakt" Berry III

"The Webcomics Review Special"

Ace Buttplug

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  • BOTS
    A View at Gaming from the Other Side of the Screen
  • Chronically Sonic
    The hilarious misadventures of characters who resemble but are evidently distinct from the videogame characters they were loosely inspired by.
  • Game Genies
    You couldn't wish for more funny when these two jokers team up to lampoon the gaming industry.
  • Game OverComix
    A wacky guy and his sarcastic friend share an apartment and play videogames while dealing with pirate penguins, monkey robots, and girl gamers!
  • Law & Hurrrrr
    the happeninest
  • PWNED!
    Laugh your head off as the plucky Kevin and his downtrodden pal Goro pwn, get pwned, and learn how to love in this wacky gaming buddy romantic comedy!
  • Pwner & Owner
    Hello my name is john and i made this. Goodbye.
  • Skele-funs!
    the sleketons are funnay
  • They are going to open a Gameshop right up my ass!
    No, you see, it's true!
  • Video Games with Jesse Jackson
    What's it like when Jesse Jackson plays (and sometimes even appears in!) video games and touches on the hot-button issues of today? Hilarious, and maybe we'll all learn something about ourselves at the same time!
    The lovable but annoying Charlie plays video games, harasses his female neighbor, and loses touch with reality.